We’ve Got Answers

1) Which Apex Ski Boot Model Is Best For Me?

a) We have two types of ski boots- HP and XP. The HP models (Crestones and Blancas) are great for all-mountain wear. These boots have comfort at heart, with a more pliable inner boot for a higher-flex feel. If you like to stay steady skiing, these boots are the ones for you! Our XP model is for the more aggressive skier. If you like moguls, park riding, or racing, these boots are going to be your bread and butter!

b) Still not sure which boot is best for you? At Ski Boot Revolution, we aim to provide a unique experience to custom fitting your boots. Here are the steps to achieve custom fit without going to a ski shop!

  • i) Fill out the custom fit survey as accurately as possible. Please make sure to double check ski boots and/or shoe sizes. We aim to get you into the right pair the first time:
    https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/sizing-guide That survey goes directly to our boot fitting experts, who will get back to you ASAP and help you find the perfect boot!
2) Can I use the Apex walkable boot as a snowboard boot?

a) Absolutely, the inner boot is modeled after a snowboarding boot. In addition, the boots are a bit stiffer than regulation snowboard boots, which makes them very high-performing. The dual Boas give them an even better fit than other snowboarding boots on the market.

Visit https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/on-the-mountain for videos of these boots in action!

3) Can the Apex Boot liners be heat molded?

a) Yes, the inner liner of the Apex ski boots can be heat molded to fit your unique foot shape. Many foot types—especially those with bony prominences—can be accommodated this way! Heat molding can also open up volume in the boot to allow for some extra length or width if needed. You do not need to custom mold them at a ski shop, just follow the steps here to request an appointment for our experts to walk you through how to do it in the comfort of your home: (and keep an eye out for our how-to video coming soon!)

4) How does the Adjustable Flex-Arm work for setting the forward lean angle?

a) The Adjustable Flex-Arm allows you to adjust the forward lean of your Apex Ski Boot into 4 different forward lean positions: 10°, 12°, 14°, or 16°. A tool to make this adjustment (an Apex hex wrench) is included with each pair of boots. You can also use a hex wrench of your choosing to complete this adjustment. Please view our instruction videos for more information. https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/videos#forward_lean_adjustment_guide

5) How does the Tunable A-Flex Suspension system work for adjusting the flex of the boot?

a) The Tunable A-Flex Suspension system allows for three different boot flex settings. You can adjust the flex to your liking by installing one of three different flex elastomers provided with each pair of boots. A tool to make this adjustment (an Apex hex wrench) is included with each pair of boots. You can also use a hex wrench of your choosing to complete this adjustment. The flex elastomers are color coded for ease: green is softest, blue is medium, and black is stiffest. The blue (or medium) flex elastomer is installed as the default, but you can easily adjust 10 points stiffer or 10 points softer by inserting a different flex elastomer. Please view our instruction videos for more information. https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/videos#flex_adjustment_guide

6) How does the cuff alignment setting work?

a) The cuff alignment setting adjusts the upper cuff of the Apex ski boot, aligning the upper cuff with your leg’s angle of entry into the chassis. If you have a slight bowleg or knock-knee, you will want to adjust the cuff to align with your lower leg shape. A tool to make this adjustment (an Apex hex wrench) is included with each pair of boots. You can also use a hex wrench of your choosing to complete this adjustment. Please view our instruction videos for more information. https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/videos#apex_cuff_alignment_guide

7) How does the patent-pending Serpentine lacing system work on the walking boot?

a) The XP, XP Antero S, and XP ladies models have a patent-pending Serpentine lacing system which provides for a more secure and comfortable closure over your instep (upper foot). The Serpentine lacing acts as a pulley system, drawing the tongue down over your instep instead of pushing down like a traditional cross lacing. The pulley-like action and the subsequent very secure fit over the instep allows for much improved heel retention. Maximum heel retention is the primary goal of a great ski boot fit. Essentially, the serpentine lacing system allows for a custom fit without the pain.

8) What’s in the small bag?

a) That small bag that comes in the XP box has laces for the inner-liner, so you can add extra support. The laces are provided with each pair to lace up the inner-liner for a more secure and snug fit. Want to learn how? Check out this video: https://skibootrevolution.com/pages/videos

9) What is Boot Sole Length (BSL) for Apex ski boots sizes?

a) The BSL depends on the boot series. For the 2018/2019, we have the X Series, and the M Series (the Series is the first letter of the model name).

10) Are the Apex ski boots compatible with all alpine bindings?

a) Yes, the Apex boot chassis is designed to fit all alpine ski binding: any brand. No special bindings are required, however, our ski boots do not fit into touring or uphill bindings!

11) What adjustments might I have to make to my ski binding should I purchase a pair of Apex ski boots?

a) The current season XP, Crestone, and HP Series models are very close in boot sole length (BSL) to traditional ski boots, within a few millimeters per size. Minor adjustments will be needed, as is the case when buying any new ski boots. But, remounting bindings is highly unlikely. Please visit your local ski shop to have your bindings checked and adjusted by a certified professional after purchasing.

Exchange and Refund Policy

Returns and Exchanges

All boots on sale are final sale but an exchange is possible if we carry your size. 

We gladly accept exchanges within 30 days of your order date. Items must be in an unused condition and in the original packaging. We may charge a restocking fee of 20% if items are used, damaged or does not have original packaging.

Please email us at info@skibootrevolution.com for a return label and it will be sent to your email. Just drop the package in its original box back to us. Buyer to pay for shipping fees prior to exchange for new boots.


My BOA Reel broke, can I get a replacement?

Yes. The Boa system and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the boots by the manufacturer, The Boa System. Depending on how quickly you need the replacement part, there are several options.

  • i) If the need is not immediate, please visit the Boa website at: https://www.theboasystem.com/support for information on how to receive a replacement through their Warranty Department.
  • ii) You may also be able to repair your BOA system, depending on the severity of the problem. Boa has several repair videos and instructions on the website: https://www.theboasystem.com/repair
  • iii) If you are in need of immediate repair of your Boa reel system, we suggest that you contact a local ski/board shop that is familiar with the Boa system. Typically, a shop that carries snowboards and snowboard boots are very familiar with Boa, and it typically is a very fast, easy, and inexpensive fix or replacement part. If the local shop does not happen to have a replacement, or they are not able to fix it, we would be able to send a replacement Boa reel to the shop for overnight delivery so we can get you back out on the slopes as soon as possible.